Havalimanlarında neler konuşulur? Tipik cümleler ve sorular nelerdir? Cümlelerin anlamları ve açıklamalar için videoyu izlemenizi tavsiye ederim. 

At the check-in desk/counter

– Where are you flying to?
– May I have your passport, please?
– May I see your ticket?
– Do you have an e-ticket?
– How many bags are you checking in?
– How many pieces of luggage are you checking in?
– Have you checked in online already?
– Did you pack these bags yourself?
– Please, place your bag/suitcase on the scale.
– Please mark this bag/suitcase as “fragile”. 
– Are you carrying any firearms/weapons or flammable materials?
– Have you left your luggage unattended at any time?
– Has anyone given you anything to carry on the flight?
– Do you have a carry-on bag?
– How many carry-on bags are you taking with you?
– Do you require special assistance? (wheelchair)
– Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
– Do you prefer window or aisle?
– Do you have any seats in the exit row?
– Your baggage is overweight. The limit is 20 kilos.
– You have to pay for the excess.
– Your carry-on luggage is too large.
– Your flight is delayed.
– Your flight has been cancelled.
– Your connecting flight/connection has been cancelled/ is delayed.
– Your passport is expired.

Siz neler sorabilirsiniz?

– Is my flight on time?
– When should I be at the gate?
– Where is the boarding gate?
– Where is the washroom/restroom/toilet?
– Can I get a window seat?
– Is there somewhere to eat?
– Is my connection on time?
– Where do I collect my baggage?
– Where can I find a taxi?
– Where is the check-in desk for Turkish Airlines?

Going through security

– Please lay your bags flat on the conveyor belt.
– Take off your shoes.
– Remove your belt.
– Do you have any change in your pockets?
– Please step back. Do you have any metals?
– Please, spread your arms out.
– Open your bag.
– Ok. Come on through/Walk through. Have a nice flight.

Announcements at the gate

– There has been a gate change.
– Turkish Airlines to Istanbul is now boarding.
– Please have your boarding pass and ID ready for boarding.
– We would like to invite our business class passengers to board.
– We would like to invite passengers with small children to board.
– We would like to invite all passengers to board.
– This is the final boarding call for Turkish Airlines to Istanbul.
– Passenger Ali Çelik, please proceed to the Turkish Airlines desk at gate 10.

On the plane

– Would you like chicken or pasta?
– I’ll have the chicken.
– Anything to drink?
– A diet Coke, no ice/with ice, please. 
– Here you go.
– Thanks.

Can/Could I have …? kalıbıyla hostesten şöyle isteklerde bulunabilirsiniz: 

Can/Could I have a pillow/a blanket/a pair of headphones/a pair of earbuds/some water/some coffee/some tea?